Panel seal S90/S120

Soft seal for 90, 120 min. fire resistance

Partitioning system made of mineral fiber boards in the variant of pipe seal. Mineral fiber cladding system with an ablative fire protection coating for flammable and non-combustible piping in lightweight partitions, solid walls and ceilings.

  • Tight against fire and fumes
  • Room closing
  • Splash water resistant

Mortar seal S90/S120

Mortar seal for 120, 90 min. fire resistance

Fiber-free sealing system made of special mortar in the variant pipe seal.

Special mortar sealing system for flammable and non-combustible pipes, double solar tubes, hydraulic hoses with wire mesh insert and the cable tube in solid walls and ceilings.

  • Close the fire and fumes
  • Temperature depleting
  • Closes off
  • Spill-resistant